Expand the frame of the mind through the canvas of the body

-BKS Iyengar

and art

Expand the frame of the mind through the canvas of the body

-BKS Iyengar

and art


Every couple weeks you'll receive an inspirational update on my current research, classes, services, and events on all art and yoga in Miami

About Me

Where the practice began..


It is through a metaphysical space created in a yoga practice that I was able to achieve and see parallels between the two disciplines that I value most. This idea of creativity being an external practice falls short of the internal , subtle experience of the body  and Self awareness required to instate and physically take action on ideas as an artist or yogi .

As a curator and yoga teacher in Miami,FL for over 4 years  my exhibitions, classes, and trainings activate various communities while utilizing artwork and yoga as a medium to unite people of all backgrounds and beliefs. I have curated over 30 exhibitions between the Greater Miami area and New York as well as performed live and hosted numerous types of workshops.

Yoga and Art are inseparable parts of my life and my way of being. 

I am always ready to create, 

to facilitate an idea into fruition,

 to move forward with what is front of me in a way that is true and pure.

Performance Art

Check out this great video created by HGAB Productions of my paint and yoga performance art piece titled "Creating Space".

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The practices of art and yoga art intimately connected. Just as yogi's create an internal space in a yoga practice to hold asana's and meditation seats for time, an internal space then becomes an external reality is what artists create. Bringing these practices together to visualize the yoga practice and the conceptual design/color of the canvas are all direct interpretations of the internal experience. 


The Yogi Book Club

Additional Information

 Complimentary book club meetings are bi-weekly on every other Thursday from 6:30-8pm at Tea and Poets in South Miami  to discuss a chosen traditional or contemporary text related to the Eastern or Western practice of yoga.  The meeting is an open discussion in which we review the major points of the text and how they relate to our lives or yoga practices. 

Every 2 weeks we change books.




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