Bachelors in English, Minor in Art History


Florida International University

Masters of Fine Arts in Curatorial Practice


Florida International University

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Experienced


1000+ classes taught and trainings/workshops offered



Barely Perceptible

April 2017

AC Institute, Manhattan, NYC

An exhibition that focuses on the past, present and future of gaming. As technology has advanced, digital based gaming has become a more prominent part of the human experience; ushering in the rise of an online gaming community that has carved out a space beyond the physical world.

Metaphysical Space


Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL

In the same way that a space is created by a curator to have a performance or display artworks on the walls, or as an artist decides with an installa- tion/painting/sculpture what to create, the yogi creates the space of the body and mind through specific postures and decisions to reach a state "yoga" or  limitless reflection.

Dark Light


The Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL

Through various artistic mediums, Lorna Ruth Galloway, Leandra Arvazzetti, and Yasmin Khalif explore the nature of opposites amongst contrast, reflection, darkness, and light.

Interior Form


The Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL

It is this interior creation of the Self in space through art and yoga that I am interested in—where yoga acts as a creation of the body and mind through physical and mental states while art does so in a material, external manner.

All of these artists are exploring yogic ideas in various media.



Miami Beach Urban Studios, FL

curated by Abby Chen, Alpesh Patel, Brittni Summer, funded by Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco.

A traveling  exhibition that is the first to explore feminism and queer themes in contemporary Chinese art. To broaden the discussion to a trans-national frame and to avoid essentializing identity