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The Path to Stillness

Two days, 10-4pm and 10-2pm

Learn to love your life as it is and gain a deeper sense of peace in the Path to Stillness, a weekend immersion devoted to yin, restorative, and meditation led by Brittni Summer (E-RYT 200) and Sam Reynolds (RYT-200). This weekend program is open to teachers and students with a desire to learn about these quieter forms of practice. Learn why these styles of yoga are important to your daily living and how you can incorporate them into your life. 

Weekend Objectives:

Each student should leave with the following: 

-Learn about yin and restorative yoga and sequence a restorative/yin class for your daily practice

-Learn how to meditate and why

-Understand how to utilize props, such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps for modified poses

-Learn about yoga philosophy 

Tuition and Registration: 

$450 or $385. Payment must be made in full. No refunds.

 If you are a student or teacher with financial hardship, please contact us directly as limited scholarships are available. 


TBD (Interested in hosting?)

What to Bring:

Mat, journal, and food (short lunch break will be available). 

About Brittni Summer, E-RYT 200: 

Brittni Summer is an international yoga teacher and art curator working in Miami,FL. She holds an MFA from Florida International University in Curatorial Practice and Bachelors in English Literature. Her yoga classes and events activate diverse communities as she uses creativity  as a medium to unite people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Brittni has been a yoga teacher for 5 years and a Yoga practitioner for over 10 years. Yoga and meditation have been the source of her growth and connection to the world no matter where her career has taken her.

For several years she has worked as both an art gallery manager and has curated multiple exhibitions in both Miami and NYC.Through her study of art and yoga’s connection for her thesis in graduate school, she was inspired to create her innovative workshop Body as Brush that connects yoga and art together by way of paint and the physical poses.

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Questions? Please contact me at or 305 772 0260

About Sam Reynolds, RYT-200

Sam Reynolds is an international yoga teacher based in Miami, FL. Her mission is to inspire peace, one breath at a time. Her goal is to help students find a healthy balance in life and create an inner journey towards freedom and empowerment. Sam offers classes, workshops, mentoring sessions, and retreats to facilitate transformation. She believes in the power of yoga and a healthy lifestyle to thrive with everyday living.

After living abroad for 6 years, Sam never thought that her most significant trip would be the journey inward.  She began practicing yoga after returning from Rwanda where she spent one year working with orphaned youth. She also worked in the Czech Republic for five years leading educational programs in 20th Century European history and Holocaust studies. After moving back to the US, she found a way to reconnect with herself and transformed her life to focus on wellness and healthy living. Sam is an advocate for conservation, human rights, education, and women’s empowerment. When she’s not teaching, she loves spending time in nature, photography, and plant-based living. Sam holds a Master’s in International Administration from the University of Miami.

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Please contact us at or call 305-908-2410. 

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